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room no. 103 nanakpura thana

Room 103, Nanakpura Thana is the journey of 9 women,
their trials and tribulations through battering, tears,
small joys, great hopes and greater obstacles...
It is the journey of 9 women through domestic violence -
at the hands of those who had once vowed to nurture
and protect them. It is the story of 9 women walking
their path - sometimes with inner resources, and at
other times with helping hands from the outside - their
family and friends, their counsellor, the police, their
lawyers. Walk their path with them - understand their
hearts, their tears, their anguish, their limits, their
limitations... and their strengths.
Most of all, realise their yearning to be free...

Rashmi Anand, Author & Counsellor at Room 103 Nanakpura
Thana writes of these women, walking with them on their
journey, giving emotional succour and guidance. She also
gives an overview of society, psychology and mindset.

Suman Nalwa, Additional DCP, Crime (Women) Cell,
Nanakpura, & Lawyer, gives her inputs by way of legal and
police perspectives, and the need and necessity for a
sensitive and balanced approach.

- Rashmi           

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