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a heart that honours

Completely at peace and with clear perception
I go along my way,
I am here for a purpose
I am fulfilling that purpose everyday.
I have the passion to live
I revel in the positive in me,
I have gained wisdom from every moment of my past
I project my tomorrow - make it all I want it to be.
Abundance there is without constraint
I believe in the promise that has been made to me,
I will always get what I need
That is destiny’s promise to me.
Blessings, gifts and joys
In abundance all abound,
I take with gratitude just enough to sustain
By honour I am bound.
I honour, I respect With commitment and consistency,
I am grateful for the sheer joy of living
I honour the blessings given to me.
May I ever honour
May I ever have faith in my destiny,
With self-discipline, self respect and self-love
May I ever honour the abundance bestowed on me.

- Rashmi           

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