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I Believe

I listen to none but my heart
I answer to no law but my own,
And I know my truth will reverberate
Long after I am dead and gone.

I follow no rules set by others
Except that I cannot hurt another being,
And I care not how another will judge me
For my soul is all-knowing, all-seeing.

I seek not approval by any
I sit not on judgement, in turn,
The only dictate I follow is the call of my soul
Any other dictate do I spurn

I am curtailed by the dominion of no-one
I am bound by no tenets of what another does preach,
And I know that if I am in touch with my spirit
The truth of all I will reach.

I am guided not by others
My truth is love, love and more love,
And in my acceptance of life and of my people
I know I am guided by the force from above.

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