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Manorama Bawa:    Woman Of The Elements

Manorama Bawa President, All-India Women’s Conference; Secretary, International Alliance of Women; Advisor to Women Leaders for planning empowerment programmes in rural and urban areas; Advisor to Government and NGOs for initiating legal reforms for protection of women from social and domestic violence; UGC Fellow, Faculty Improvement Program; Erstwhile Head of Department, Rural Development and Appropriate Technology at the Indian Institute of Technology; Erstwhile Director, Lady Irwin College

  Woman is the epitome of compassion, grace, innate wisdom, and love. Woman is the soft face of life.
In our male-dominated society, women have not been allowed to develop to their fullest potential as individuals, but have to face negative forces which subjugate them to injustice and exploitation.
Rashmi had the courage to say, “Enough. No more.”
She walked out of a constricting, violent world and found courage to build her life with conviction, recognising her own strength and power.
Her book, Woman of the Elements, written beautifully, full of strength, courage and faith, will help women rediscover the power within themselves, and live with dignity and pride.
I quote Amma, the spiritual leader, “Is God a man or a Woman? The answer is, neither. God is “That”. But if you must give God a gender, God is more female than man, for HE is contained in SHE.
Rashmi’s second book, “A heart that honours” is an example of courage and strong conviction, expressing her gratitude for the strength she was able to garner, to overcome the pain and struggle in her turbulent life.
She reinvented herself, and has penned such beautiful thoughts in flowing language, with a message that all women have the power to live life on their own terms, and with their head held high.
Just as she lives.

- Manorama Bawa

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