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Abha Adams:     Woman Of The Elements

Abha Adams Educationist;  Council Member,ICSE;  Member,Standing Committee for Examinations;  Member,Governing Body,Assam Valley School;  Lecturer, LSR.Director,Delhi University; Director, Delhi Action Group; Leeds Education Authority;  Producer and Editor,BBC Radio;  Director,Arts Council of Great Britain;  Director,
ADITI ,National Organization of South Asian Dance;  Columnist.

  This is a book for every woman. A book to help women rediscover the power within themselves, and the power in all their sisters. Within this book the simple elegant female power is portrayed in all its elements. Personal power, female power and the power of women united together are all important in our male-dominated, repressive and suppressive society, and here the power of the woman is express.

We live in a male-dominated society where people, especially men, view power as ego, but the power within a woman is natural and positive and expressed in a benevolent and altruistic way. The elemental power of women which this book uncovers, seeks to restore and to heal the discord and chaos around themselves. All of us women, men, and children need to tap into the feminine power and harness it for the good of us all not to mention the planet herself!

This is a book to help women rediscover their innate strength and self belief. It speaks to us all, and I hope it receives the success that it deserves.

- Abha Adams

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