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Anu Aga:      The Journey of the Goddess

Took over as Chairperson of Thermax in 1996, in the face of great personal loss and tragedy;  Facilitated four major turnarounds for Thermax, driving a high-performance culture in the company Active member of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII);  Written extensively and given talks on Corporate Governance, Role of Women, Education Lifetime Achievement;  Awardee at the Financial Express Woman in business Awards Retired as Chairperson, Thermax in 2004, now focused on social causes, primarily Akanksha, which promotes education for underprivileged children in Mumbai and Pune;  Closely associated with Thermax Social Initiative Foundation.

  Each book has the imprint of its author, it reflects the experiences one has gathered in life’s journey. The sorrows and joys, pleasures and anguish experienced over the years naturally find their way into the pages. So it is with Rashmi Anand’s new book of verse, Journey of the Goddess. Like many women, she has suffered, known what it is to feel pain and bitterness. But unlike most of them, she has not surrendered to helplessness and despair. She has transformed her life to make a new beginning and from that experience emerged her earlier two books of verse.

In this third new book, she moves on to track the journey of women through various stages of discovery, leading to eventual self-realization. As it happens with people who have gained a new lease of life, Rashmi is keenly alive to the many wonders and blessings of life. She talks of the inevitability of new beginnings and of the power of responsibility that finally helps a woman to achieve a state of balance. This arrival is marked by the insight that sorrow is essential for us to know how glorious the joys of life could be.

Rashmi’s life and her books have been a sustained campaign against negativity, that unfortunate legacy of suffering. It is deeply moving and refreshing to see how she taps the cleansing power of forgiveness to script new beginnings. It is a tribute to the gift of renewal latent in every woman – a gift that can be used for healing and to lead a fuller and richer life.

I wish Rashmi and her book all success, and hope her example will inspire other women to break free of limitations, imposed by society and by themselves.

- Anu Aga

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