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Dr. Sanjay Chugh:    HAUNTED

Manorama Bawa Psychiatrist of Global repute. Specialisation areas: Addiction medicine, Adult Psychiatry, Child / Adolescent Psychiatry, Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnosis, Ultra Rapid Detoxification from Drugs and alcohol, Implantable Naltrexone & Disulfiram, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimualtion (rTMS). Writer. Columnist. Media personality.

  Stories of abuse, battered women, broken homes, dysfunctional children, depression, violence, anxiety, suicide. These are everyday events in a profession like mine. Each time that I think to myself “now I understand what domestic violence is all about”, there comes a completely new story with the same central theme and knocks me off. Every time I feel that I have overcome my resistance to work with children affected by a dysfunctional home, a completely new aspect comes up and hits me in my face.
Haunted comes as a stark reminder of so many people that I have worked with — some successfully and the others not so successfully. The brilliance of Haunted lies in the sensitivity and the simplicity with which it has handled this kind of subject matter. In my experience, I have seen how painful (yet therapeutic!) it can be for people to relive such memories. To be able to express it so beautifully and make it relevant for so many others is an art.
This book provides profound insights that can be a great resource and support for all those who are struggling with similar situations. I can clearly see myself using this book not only to enhance my own understanding but also recommending it to many who come to me for help.
Rashmi was abused. She bore it for some time. Saw the havoc being wrought on her children. Walked out. Survived. Her children healed. And Rashmi became a role model for millions like her. I salute you Rashmi. Write on. Shine on. Effulgently!

- Dr. Sanjay Chugh

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