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Kiran Bedi:      Woman Of The Elements

Kiran Bedi First Lady of the Indian Police Forces;  Magasaysay Award winner;  Police Advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations;  Founder, Safer India, India Vision, Navjyoti;  UN awardee for Outstanding;  Honorary degree holder, Doctor of Law, City University of New York; Recipient, Presidents Gallantry Medal;  Recipient, Woman of the year award;  Recipient, Mahila Shiromani award;  Recipient, Lion of the year award;  Recipient, Pride of India award;  Erstwhile all-India, all-Asia tennis champion;  Author and Columnist.

  Once in a very long while, something is written that touches the core of every heart and that every soul can identify with. Woman of the Elements is one such book it is a book for every woman. Positive, joyful, full of strength, courage and faith, Woman of the Elements helps every woman recognise her own unlimited strengths and the magnitude of what she is.

In a country like ours, where women are constantly repressed, suppressed and subjugated, this book comes as a breath of fresh air. And every woman should gain from it. I believe that there is nothing a woman cannot achieve and that there is no reason to hold herself back in any way. I believe that to hold your own in the face of adversity and to go on with faith and courage is the only way to live in this world. In that, this book reflects my own beliefs. This book has touched me, for I, as every woman, can identify with it.

I wish Woman of the Elements and Rashmi all success.
I wish every woman the joy the positivity that emanates from them.

- Kiran Bedi

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