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Sheila Dikshit :     SHELTER

Sheila Dikshit Chief Minister of Delhi; Doctor of Philisophy; Member Parliament Estimates Committee of Lok Sabha; Representative of India at United Nations Commission of status of Women for 5 years; Awarded Best Chief Minister of India by the Indian Journalists Association; Awarded Politician of the year, NDTV.

  It is with pleasure that I write this foreword for the book SHELTER by Rashmi Anand and Dr Manorama Bawa. The book deals with an issue of women's rights and options and most of all, with the issue of Shelter for women who are destitute and victims of abuse and discrimination.

Being very closely associated with women's issues, I am aware of the gaps in policies and implementation. I have tried, along with my government to bridge those gaps, especially through the project closest to my heart: Mission Convergence.

What makes this book remarkable is the way in which it deals extensively not only of the problems related to the issue of Shelter itself, but in its suggestions of extremely holistic and workable solutions.I agree with that thought behind this book that it is only with the garnering of resources from across the political, bureaucratic, corporate, non-government as well as individual streams, that we can take the dream of empowering every woman into reality.

I compliment Rashmi Anand on the way she takes learning from her own experiences and uses it to help others, and Dr Manorama Bawa who has been such a well known face in the Women's movement in India.

Through this book and this foreword, I reiterate my commitment to women's issues and to the cause of shelter homes for women.

I wish both authors and their book the very best."

- Sheila Dikshit

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