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Vandana Shiva:    Woman Of The Elements

Vandana Shiva Tireless defender of the Environment;  Physicist,Philosopher,Ecofeminist,Writer;  Founder, Research Foundation for Science, Navdanya, Beeja Vidyapeeth, and Diverse Women for Diversity;  Founder, The Living Democracy Movement;  Ecology Advisor to the Third World Network;  Leader, International Forum on Globalisation; Working with communities to stop threats to forest and agricultural land;  Recipient: the Global 500 Award of the UN Environment program;  Recipient: the UN Earth Day International Award.

  Woman of the Elements is a testimony of our power as women, a power we often ignore and suppress, and hence allow our subjugation and suppression.

Again and again in life, I have drawn power from the earth and from her rivers and biodiversity. And spending a lifetime of service to the earth and her elements, my own spirit has been renewed, to face the assaults of a violent order based on patriarchal power and capitalist greed.

In reading Woman of the Elements, I resonate with Rashmi’s search for her power, which is a search for every woman’s power, a power that lies within, while being connected to the earth that supports us and of which we are a part. I hope you too experience your power in reading this beautiful book.

- Vandana Shiva

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