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Janhavi Malhotra:    The Journey of the Goddess

 Poonam Bagai 15 years of age;  Changed four cities and four schools. Made new friends and kept the old;  In her own words, “Battled mutant cells that now lie in their graves after a whipping defeat”;  Authored a book, “Aloft on wings of Grit” after coming through – poems of spirit and soul;  Thinks her perception of the world and its inhabitants is realistic and seasoned – however is willing to continue the quest….

  A foreword is meant to be from someone to the author – but this one is a little different….. for neither Janhavi nor I seem to have done most things of the norm.

So here I will tell you about Janhavi – beautiful, sensitive, spirited and courageous. In her own words, “A warrior at heart.”
She knows how to fight circumstance, and is not afraid to face each aspect of herself. And she is ready to share her strengths with the world.
Looking at her we can be sure that the future is in strong and spirited hands.

Her book, “Aloft on wings of grit”, a collection of poems from her heart is an inspiration – as is she.
Her spirit is humbling, and I am honoured to have her as a part of Journey of the Goddess.

All the best, always, to this little Goddess on her journey – she lights the path for each one of us.

- Rashmi Anand

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