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My child, how much I learn from you
Thereís wonder in my heart,
Precious soul, so young, so wise
From my own self not apart.

Your beautiful, innocent eyes
Teach me how much more I have to be,
So much higher I have to reach
To give to your guileless purity.

Your childish, naÔve straightforward ways
Teach me every day,
That I have to be as open, as honest as you
As I walk with you along my way.

The way you look at me, the way you accept
No matter how difficult for you,
Teaches me to live up to all you think of me
In all I say and do.

Child of my soul, precious one
I am blessed that you have been sent to me,
For I learn everyday what I have yet to become
To live up to what you need of me.


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