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What makes Haunted a truly haunting book is the way it gives a chilling account of the way domestic violence can lead to the twisted mindsets of the people involved - from the perpetrator of violence himself to the victims… which leads to the percolation of that evil into society.

The main story "Inherited" is personified example of the evil of one man and the effect on all around him. Each of the six stories of the book deals with different issues that come up with children as they grow up — with a focus on children from disturbed family backgrounds.
Haunted is a wake-up call to us as a society to stem violence in the home, so that our children, our future, may be secure. Most importantly, this book deals with the Woman and her mind, and how it is her balance that determines the balance of her children.

Rashmi Anand’s efforts to counsel come not from an educational degree, but from suffering, and then from viewing and trying to heal the pain of others.
Charu WaliKhanna’s inputs come from a legal perspective as well as from being Member, National Commission for Women. Together their efforts make this book a complete handbook for children's issues — from a Psychological, Societal, as well as from a Legal perspective.

- Rashmi           

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