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 the confussed octopus and other such things

She starts her journey as the dawn
She is the first sliver of light
She lights the sky with innocence and hope
Beckoning new beginning, blissful sight.
She travels into the prime of noon
She is dazzling splendour, fulfilment,
Full-bodied, full-spirited power
Beautiful, bountiful, confident.
She voyages into the twilight
She discovers the realm within,
She understands the world through herself
Through the spiritual, through self-realization.
She journeys into the night
She is all knowledge, eternal, unchanging,
She is the promise of the end
The inevitability of new beginnings.
She goes onward, outward and within
Her every step is the step of divinity,
Creative inspiration, power, spirituality, knowledge
And she walks infinity.
She leaves behind her footprints for the world to see
Then every step is washed away,
She is the ebb and flow of birth, life and death
And her journey begins again every day.

- Rashmi           

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