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night of eternity

Death is a reality.
But it is a reality we do not accept. In fact, it is a reality we run away from. And in doing so we realise not that in running away from Death, we are, in fact, running away from Life. And we realise not that it is only the understanding of Death that will bring us to the truest understanding of Life.
“Night of Eternity” takes you through the journey of Death. And it is not a journey to be feared.
The journey of Death comes in 3 stages.
The First stage of the journey is the “Darkening of the Light”, wherein the Individual is first confronted with Death – he is poised on the brink, his mind clouded and darkened with fear and doubt. But choices are few, and move he must, on the path before him.
The Second stage of the journey is “The Last Looking Back” wherein the Individual then looks back at the Life he has lived. And thus he gains greater realisation of the truths of Life. And somewhere in the realisation of Life, he comes to the acceptance of Death. For he realises how interlinked they are, and how they are simply the two faces of the same reality which is Eternity.
And that brings him to the Third stage of his journey, “The Flight of the Swan”, wherein he realises the joy of who he is, and thus realises the joy of his journey. And so he releases himself to his journey, thus releasing himself into all. For he realises that he is indeed the spirit of all things.
I do not claim to have great knowledge. But I have died many times. And in rising again each time, I have learnt, I hope, to truly live.
I hope this book brings you comfort.
And I hope it brings you acceptance.
And I hope you truly live…

- Rashmi Anand           

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